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Immerge into the great variety of our online choice.

Find the traditional nativity figures by Ulrich Bernardi and Prof. Karl Kuolt made out of maple wood, the oriental figures from the Holy Land nativity, the new line “Back to the Roots” featuring the series Florentiner and Walter Bacher in linden wood, the touching interpretation by Fini Moroder in chestnut, die delightful figurines by Juan Ferrándiz and Rudi Kostner’s Block nativity.

The ANRI Collections include the enchanting children motifs by Sarah Kay, the profane works of Juan Ferrándiz, the impressive animal interpretations by Gunther Granget, the brand new ANRI WOODiES and the religious carvings.

By clicking on Woodcarvings you will find our wide selection of other carvings including nativities, angels, saints as well as musicians, animals and decorative items.

Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of Angela Tripi and her amazing interpretations of the nativity in Terra Cotta and cloth.

Choose from our great selection of pewter ornaments in many stiles and for any occasion or enjoy our ceramic treasures.

Click the button at the bottom of the page to browse and buy our great selection in our online-store.



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